Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Toothless in Twin Falls

My failure to update the last few months is not due to a lack of excitement in our lives. I blame it all on my pregnancy. Every free moment I have I spend that so wrong. #4 has literally kicked my behind. Feeling guilty that I have family members who maybe would like an update every once in a while I decided to post today.

A few exciting things that have happened in the last few weeks include:

#1 our first visit from the tooth fairy.

Will is now 7 and I think is the only kid in his first grade class who has not lost a tooth yet. Well as soon as I noticed a slightly wiggly tooth 2 weeks ago he got very excited and worked on that thing as much as he could. Then with the advice from his Uncle Aaron we tied some floss around the tooth and popped the tooth out. No Pain! No Tears! Lot's of Blood! In Will's own words, "Blood was gushing out like a volcano". What a brave little man. And for the lucky boy a very generous tooth fairy left $2 for him that night.

#2 Brent took Will snowboarding/skiing for the first time this year. They spent the day together at Pomerelle and had a really fun time. Will ended up enjoying the skis more than the snowboard. He is looking forward to the next trip up the mountain so he can go on the big lift with Dad.

#3 The due date is getting closer. I am starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel.
Today's update will not include updated photos of me. I am not the type to post weekly belly shots of myself (obviously). Proud as I am of this growing bundle inside of me, I frankly will never think that any belly shot of myself is attractive enough to post to the world (or the few who care enough to still check this blog on occasion). So believe me when I say that my belly is growing and I do look like I am 9 months pregnant when in fact I still have 6 weeks to go. My Dr. gave me a glimmer of hope today however when he told me that I was still measuring big due to the excess of fluid I am carrying. Nothing to worry about, just means that my body will probably want to go into labor a little earlier than normal...Darn!
#4 The 12 days of Valentine's starts today. I am trying to figure out what cute/meaningful things I can do for Brent the next 12 days that will not impose on our budget. Any ideas?


Brent H. Nielson said...

Thank-you for the update Annie.

You are a great Mom. We are excited for number 4. Sorry it is so hard.



Mom /(Marcia) said...

I recommend back rubs, popcorn, and lime popsicles.

I also recommend lots of rest for you.

The Nielsen Clan said...

how fun!! I have never thought of doing the 12 days of valentines! one could be a red box and cookies and milk night. (or maybe I just feel like that tonight?)

You need to post a belly pic! I bet you are soo cute!

Eric and Jaime said...

Thank you for updating! I have been waiting for news from you forever, but also feel exactly as you do- updating is far from my first priority. I love you and miss you!! Stay strong you are almost there! :)
love you,

Bear of Very Little Brain said...

Annie, I think today's the day you're having the baby and you're all over my thoughts and in my heart. I hope it's going well. Expect to see here a picture of him and that you and Brent and boys are ALL A-1, A-OK fine. Glad you updated on the 3rd and have been anxious for this day to come! Lots of love, Aunt Nat

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